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Our Story Begins

  At Bits & Pieces Craft Studio, our aim is to go back to ‘old school’ playing and learning with hands on experience. We intend to give our customers a “break away” from modern technology and back to the simple way of having fun, being creative and using their hands.

Our products ranges from great craft kits to build and paint but also offer some amazing artistic collections to showcase. 

We strongly believe in developing those fine motor skills for all ages and being creative through Art. Art not only gives us pleasure but has many other benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual body.

Art allows one to express and release inner feelings which can make one more relaxed and happier. It stimulates brain activity, concentration, increases morale, improves cognition but most importantly, it is great form of entertainment as we laugh, socialise and be motivated to complete the project.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our attention to detail. We are constantly sourcing for new products that are not only educational but also artistic. Our designers have been involved in the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our quality standards are met.

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